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The most dangerous software patents

Na página da Electronic Frontier Foundation, a lista das 10 mais perigosas patentes de software. Link: http://w2.eff.org/patent/wanted
Um aviso em particular para quem, como eu, costuma instalar software sem ler as condições de utilização.
E já agora, voltando à carga:  porque é que qualquer bagatela Made in China, custando uns 5€ tem que ter garantia de 2 anos, de acordo com a legislação europeia, mas um software de 200€ não tem garantia, sendo apenas disponibilizado como no estado em que encontre (paleio generalizado das EULA, as licensas de utlizador final)?
Wanted by EFF Marshals
Acacia Research Acacia Research:
Audio and video receiving and transmission system; threatening dozens of small companies, including many home-grown adult websites
Clear Channel Clear Channel Entertainment:
System and method of creating digital recordings of live performances; claims to own a monopoly on all-in-one technologies that produce post-concert live recordings on digital media
Acceris Acceris:
Method and apparatus for implementing a computer network/internet telephone system; threatening 14 VoIP companies with expensive legal disputes if they do not pay licensing fees
Sheldon Goldberg Sheldon F. Goldberg:
System and method for playing games on a network; threatening small online gaming websites
Ideaflood/Hoshiko Ideaflood/Hoshiko:
System apparatus and method for hosting and assigning domain names on a wide area network; Threatening community site LiveJournal, with 3 million users who each have their own subdomain
Neomedia Neomedia Technologies:
System and method for automatic access of a remote computer over a network; threatening small info-aggregating companies such as ScanBuy, AirClic, Inc., and LScan Technologies
Test.com Test.com:
Method for administering tests, lessons, assessments; claims it should receive licensing fees from companies, universities or individuals that administer tests over the Internet
Nintendo Nintendo:
Software implementation of a handheld videogame hardware platform; threatens reverse engineering of videogames to promote interoperability and emulation by hobbyists
Firepond Firepond/Polaris:
System that uses natural language processing to respond to customers' online inquiries by email; patent uses basic natural language processing techniques taught in introductory computer science courses
Seer Systems Seer Systems:
System and method for generating, distributing, storing and performing musical work files; currently threatening small companies trying to innovate in this field